Concert HORNTUNES with Dutch trumpetist Eric Vloeimans
Sat 27 of Nov 2021 at 18 in Põltsamaa Culture Center and Sun 28 of Nov 2021 at 13 in Estonian National Museum Tartu. His music will be performed by Estonian Wind Band Conductor's Concert Orchestra and Big Band Tartu.
Conductors of Estonian Wind Band Conductor's Concert Orchestra': 
- Bert Langeler, Hando Põldmäe and Ott Kask.
Trumpet soloist - Allan Järve.
Head of Big Band Tartu - Toomas Peterson.

In programme Estonian, Dutch and world wind music, incl Eric Vloeimans own compositions both in the classical and jazz genres.

Eric Vloeimans (1963) is an improvising trumpeter and composer who finds the term 'jazz' too restrictive for his music. His work is characterized by a melodic and lyrical force, and a characteristic, individual sound that is called velvety or whispering in the more subdued pieces. His motto is: 'I make music for millions, but I haven't reached all of them yet'. However, he never gives in to the taste of the general public, and always remains himself.

Vloeimans studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory; initially classical trumpet, later on jazz training. In the United States he took lessons with Donald Byrd and was part of the big bands of Frank Foster and Mercer Ellington.
Estonian Wind Band Conductor's Concert Orchestra (VOP) has been active since 1964, bringing together conductors and instrument teachers from all over the country into a project-based project orchestra, which meets 3–7 times a year in different parts of Estonia. The main goals of the orchestra are to promote Estonian wind music, to disseminate professional information, to prepare joint activities of wind orchestras (song festivals, wind music days, etc.). Bert Langeler, a Dutchman living and working in Viljandi, is the chief conductor of this orchestra.
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In Spring 2021 Eric Vloeimans and Big Band Tartu recorded a wonderful piece of composer Tõnis Kõrvits - HORN TUNES (Sarve lood). Come to our concerts and enjoy the music in live!!! 
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