Big Band Tartu and HORN TUNES
Teaser to come and visit our festival Happy Big Band Weekend on Saturday 24th of July 2021 in Car-Free Avenue Tartu, Estonia
Information about festival Happy Big Band Weekend
Because of Covid we too had to cancel our rehearsals and postpone concerts and cooperations. But we reached to record a wonderful piece of composer Tõnis Kõrvits - HORN TUNES (Sarve lood). Let it be a teaser to come and visit festival Happy Big Band Weekend on Saturday 24th of July 2021 in Tartu, Estonia.

HORN TUNES | Sarve lood - Composer Tõnis Kõrvits
0:00:00 - Horn Tune | Sarve lugu
0:04:54 - Estonian Folk Dance Tõlla Jaani Löss

Bert Langeler (alt horn, conductor of Estonian Wind Band Conductor's Concert Orchestra, Viljandi, Estonia),
Eric Vloeimans (trumpet, Amsterdam, Netherlands),
Antti Rissanen (trombone, Conductor of Finnish Youth All Star Big Band, Helsinki, Finland),
Renars Lacis (tenor sax, conductor of Ventspils Big Band, Ventspils, Latvia)
Dance Group Haavikud, leader Liidia Konsa

Big Band Tartu
Saxes Toomas Peterson, Merlin Palu, Emily Urla, Ott Eric Ottender, Sirle Arus
Trumpets Jaan Tilgar, Kaido Pihelgas, Toivo Alp, Raul Valge
Trombones Jaanus Kaldoja, Daniel Hinno, Kadriliis Rämmann, Kristjan Poska
Guitar Marcus Tuul
Piano Mikk Kaasik
Bass Felix Verlin
Drums Claudia Manni
Percussion Raul Valge, Toomas Peterson

For big Band arranged by Toomas Peterson
Audio recording Elmet Neumann, Toomas Peterson
Video Ahto Palmre, Toomas Peterson

Additional information about tune and soloists: 

Composer Tõnis Kõrvits wrote the tune actually for brass band and for Estonian Song Festival 2009. Somehow brass bands do not perform it too offen. Tunes are based on Estonial national melodies - first is a shepherds horn shout, second a dance from Pärnumaa.

Soloists we found from projects we had to postpone from march 2020:

o   Bert Langeler – a Dutchman living in Estonia, was a headconductor of brass band in Estonian 150th Jubileum Song Festival 2019, holding at the moment position of conductor of Estonian Wind Band Conductor's Concert Orchestra (VOP). We had a plan to perform together in March 2021. On record he's playing alto horn.

o   trompet player Eric Vloeimans from Netherlans, who we waited to join us on the same concert with VOP.

o   trombone player Antti Rissanen from Finland, who is by our knowledge first Finnish doctor degree jazz musician and a center point of Finnish big band music being also leader of Finnish Big Band Association. We waited his orchestra Finnish Youth All Star Big Band to our festival Happy Big Band Weekend in spring 2020 and 2021, but it was not possible to come because of travel limitations because of Covid.

o   saxophone player Renars Lacis – conductor of Ventspilsi Big Band, who couldn't come last year, but will arrive to our next festival already on Saturday 24th of July 2021 and will perform at 18 o'clock.

Separately can find both tunes form here
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