Big Band Tartu in Neubrandenburg, Germany
From 16 to 18 of March 2012 Big Band Tartu participated on 16th International Big Band Workshop in Neubrandenburg (Germany) and had change to have lessons with very good musicians.

Especially helpful were lessons with Stephan Genze (drums), Pepe Berns (bass), Wolfgang Köhler (piano) and Rolf von Nordensjköld (saxophone). Of course they didn't work only with his own instrument but developed whole band by explaining different styles, functions, how band should work and sound together etc. etc. etc.  One good example was samba called "Otra Vez" we have played already 12 years, but which now got a new Brasilian sound making a point on 3rd beat. 

Good feedback we got also from Herb Geller (saxophone) and Ack van Rooyen (trumpet), that a lot of work we have done at home before, makes us already sound quite good and together. Also teachers liked a lot our arrangements of Estonian original and folk music  (made by Estonian saxophonists Siim Aimla and Raul Sööt) inspiring Rolf share also his music (incl. German folk song arrangements).

Some good tips we got from workshop:
- what and how to write to percussion-parts, how percussionist can support the band
- how to bild up a solo, questions and answers
- rhythms and fills of piano if guitar is not there
- funky and 16-notes
- importance of 3rd beat in samba
- sounds of bass in different styles
- etc. etc. etc.

Many thanks to Clemens Fuchs and Andreas Rosin, who wonderfully organised the event and who invited us to Neubrandenburg. Hope to meet you and teachers again!
Stephan Genze
Rolf von Nordenskjöld
Ack van Rooyen
Pepe Berns
It's really interesting :-)
Wolfgang Köhler
Herb Geller and Wolfgang Köhler on concert in Johanniskirche
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