Tartu Sax Choir and Salvador Sax Quartet on concert tour in Kaunas (Lithuania) 20.-22.08.2010
Both collectives will give 2 concerts in Kaunas Hanseatic Days with program of 15.-17.century music.
Behind the stage

TARTU SAX CHOIR was founded by Estonian most famous jazz-saxophonist Lembit Saarsalu and Salvador Sax Quartet in January 2003 we celebrated maestros 55.th birthday with a concert tour in halls of Estonian Concert. In choir we inspire young saxophonists to play in different groups, styles and music and get the feeling of playing together with best musicians in Tartu. Choir has members with different age and has performed in several stages in Estonia, but also in Latvia and Lithuania.

SALVADOR SAX QUARTET first concert was held on 31.12.1998 in Vanemuine Concert Hall in Tartu. With 12 active years we have played music from different styles and centuries, from old music to jazz. Today we have 6 members and we know that at least four of them always can come, but we like to perform also as sextet. And we continue to find interesting matches between music and life.

In Kaunas Hanseatic Days both collectives will cooperate and travel in old and interesting ways - music of 15.-17. century. Believe or not, but there are themes and melodies from those ages, which are still alive in people minds. And techniques, which are very usable in modern music and not only in performing old music. The audience will get the idea of those notices and hear music from very different countries from Great Britain to the Baltic States from those ages.

Also, Kaunas is preparing to International Hanseatic Days in May 2011.

International Hanseatic Days Kaunas 2011

International Hanseatic Days

On stage
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