Siim Aimla and Big Band Tartu on Concert "Herring and Lemon Tree"
Toomas Peterson, 23.02.2010
Saxophonist, conductor, composer and arranger Siim Aimla will performe with Big Band Tartu on 11th of March 2010 at 20 in Genialistide on Concert "Herring and Lemon Tree". Singing soloist Kreet Stubender, concuctor Lirike Vaher. Guest collective Tartu Sax Choir.

Why herring and lemon tree? Because the world is wide and consits much more we can imagine. It does not mean, that those things does not exist and that those things does not match to each other.

So, there is the match between herring and lemon tree, between spiritual, earlier and later Estonian national folk song, between arrangement and fresh new composition, between used LP on bookshelf and chameleon.

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